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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, two brothers were drawing, painting, creating and following paths, taking them on journeys to many different places and learning great lessons. Time passed, skills developed and the desire for an outlet to share their love of art grew stronger...and so Kindred was born.


Blurring the lines between Chris's background in tattooing and Mick's background in urban art and graphic design, Kindred's aim is to dispel the common perception of tattoo studios being hostile, intimidating places. We are here to welcome everyone into our creative studio and provide a service in a warm and friendly atmosphere, accessible to all. Working within a gallery setting, we showcase our own creations alongside hosting new and established UK and International talent from the worlds of contemporary, urban and photographic art.


We look forward to seeing you, be it for a new piece of artwork on your skin or on a canvas for your wall. Come by, say hi and let's chat art!


Director of the Kindred tattoo studio is Chris Howells. Having owned two other studios before Kindred, he brings a wealth of experience not only as an artist but also as a mentor, and has built up a very well respected reputation for his work amongst his peers as well as his extensive client list.


Working alongside Chris are fellow tattooists and artists Francisco 'PK' Navarro, Micky Morphi, Marcus Ottner and James Alexander. Together they make an extrememly creative, diverse and professional team who enjoy making masterpieces across a huge range of styles as well as mediums.

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The Kindred piercing studio is run by the very talented Aysh Banaysh @piercingsbyaysh

As a body piercer, Aysh's main aim is to safely decorate people's bodies in a way they adore. She works closely with her clients to find piercings that will best suit their anatomy and helps them to pick jewellery that will compliment the chosen placements.

With a firm ethic of education, Aysh explains every aspect of the piercing procedure before any work takes place and advises full aftercare instructions to ensure you get the best result and full enjoyment of your new piercing. She also insists on working with high grade material, using highly polished internally threaded implant-grade titanium from @qualitibodyjewellery to ensure happy healing!

When she's not not in the studio, Aysh can be found talking about piercings on her YouTube channel, planning new piercing projects and lusting after gorgeous jewellery.


Director of art gallery is Mick Howells.


With a background in graphic design and urban art as well as an established career in the music industry, Mick is a passionate follower of all things creative.

He is a regular contributer to the gallery, but can often be found off site with a spray can in hand creating his latest commission. He also coordinates all of studio's events and exhibitions.


Contact Mick for details of forthcoming events or if you have any artwork to share or exhibit and would like to become part of the ever growing #kindredfamily.

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